Get out and see some Improv!


Apologies, we’ve been a bit shy with our blogging of late and indeed this is really just a quick post to say there are loads of great improv events happening in the coming weeks so why not pop out and see some live Improv!

First up is this week on Tuesday the 29th of April, its a double bill in The Workmans Club by The Improrphans and The Sky Babies, both troupes have tonnes of experience in Improv Comedy, its free in and it kicks off at 8pm. This should be a really great gig and definitely worth popping along to. You can get more details here.

Later in the week on Thursday there is Improvaganza a fundraiser for the theatre group Dizzy Tails first production this July. The gig is on in Doyles Bar, doors open at 7.30 and the Improv kicks off at 8pm sharp! You can get more details on this event here.

As for Not The Eyes we’ve quite a few gigs coming up as follows:

Friday May 9th in the White Lady Art Gallery with our show Tortured Improvists.

Wednesday May 21st in the Mercantile Pub with our show Playing Dice with the Universe. This is a short 20 minute science themed slot as part of the brilliant festival. The whole night will feature interesting science based talks and entertainment an promises to be out of this world!

Friday June 6th in The Harbour Playhouse with our show In Our Birthday Suits. This is our birthday show and we’ll be throwing quite the party so be sure and get yourselves along.

So with all these shows coming down the tracks you’ve no excuse not to get out and see some great Dublin based comedy improv…Have Fun!

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Our recent improv shows!

We wanted to take a moment and thank everyone that’s been able to make our recent shows! We had a great time at the end of August doing a show in the Grand Social, right in the middle of Dublin, with a mix of some fun shorter games and a long montage to close out the night.


We also participated in the 4th annual Underground Cinema Film Festival in Dun Laoghaire, doing a set just before an anniversary screening of Return of the Jedi. There were some logistical complications that the festival organizers dealt with valiantly, and we are always happy to open for ewoks.

Our upcoming improv comedy schedule is a bit more relaxed, until mid-October when we’ll get back into the swing of things!

Having seen individual members of Tumbleweed perform at the Improv Fest Ireland gig on Thursday, I was excited to catch them doing their own show this Saturday. Tumbleweed normally do long form improv which I was really looking forward to seeing, however, with one of their members overseas Tumbleweed instead performed a short form show with two improv guests Kiki and Ashley from Amsterdam.

The show was excellent and remarkably seamless for a troupe just put together on the night, which I guess is a mark of strong individual improvisers. Every improv troupe seems to name the same short form games differently so I won’t get into the particular games too much, but throughout all the games there was brilliant comic timing and excellent scene painting, which makes me very keen to catch their next long form show to see how these skills are applied to longer scenes.

The final game was one of the least demanding and yet most entertaining games I’ve seen in a while. It essentially involved two players going on stage with a glass of water each and proceeding to play out a scene while spitting the water at each other. Much like Sit, Stand, Lean, this game doesn’t sound very funny, but childish as it seems there is great comedy in watching someone on stage just waiting, braced to be spat on. I never saw it before but this game will definitely go into the locker for emergencies (quick the crowd aren’t laughing lets spit on each other!). Not that that’s why Tumbleweed played it as they’d had the crowd laughing from the first scene to last.

A good night and an Improv troupe definitely worth catching, check them out here at

While you’re at it also check out Improv Fest Ireland who’ll be having more fundraising gigs coming up soon, these combine the best troupes in Dublin Improv so are definitely worth a look

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